A Marketing Ah-Ha Moment

A Marketing Ah-Ha Moment

May 2, 2011  |  Hints & Tips

You know, I’m always spouting off to anybody who’ll listen about the power of properly using email and internet marketing to improve your business.  Every once in a while, I’m actually treated to a real life example of a perfectly executed plan in action. Here’s the story:

This weekend I was out with my wife running errands.  After running around town for what seemed to be hours on end, we decided that it was time to find somewhere to have lunch.  As soon as I mention lunch, my wife whips out her new Blackberry and starts fiddling with it.  Being a bit surprised, I ask my wife what she’s doing.  Here’s her answer:

I’m looking for the email from Le Petite Gourmet so we can know what specials they have today.

This really blew my mind.  My wife is not what I would consider a computer geek in any sense of the term.  If my wife is using email to find out where we’re going for lunch, think about all of the untapped potential that other restaurants (and other businesses) are not utilizing.  Needless to say, we ended up going to Le Petite Gourmet for lunch.

Even More Food for Thought:

BTC now has an ongoing sale on Blackberry phones where users can purchase the phone and the data plan in which they can receive emails right on their phone no matter where they are.  Now imagine how many people are driving around running errands on the weekend.  How much more business do you think you could generate if you could reach your customers while they are already in their car and in a “buying” mindset.

Oh, wait, this just hit me.  What if you’re a nightclub or bar?  You can now reach your audience on a Friday evening when they’re deciding where to go.

The implications are endless.