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About Us

Websites are the New Telephones

Everybody’s expected to have one.  Especially if you’re in business.  With the continuously growing field of internet marketing and all of the advantages it gives small business owners, you cannot afford to be without an online presence.  Whether you have a Fan Page on Facebook or you have a full blown custom designed website, your online presence is what helps you level the playing field and reach customers without needing to have the extraordinary budget that bigger businesses have.

Everybody is turning to the internet nowadays as their first (and usually last) effort when they are looking to buy products and services.  This means that it is essential that businesses reach their customers where they are actively shopping.  There’s a reason why Girl Scouts setup their tables outside of the supermarket…think about it.

Web Designers are the New Used Car Salesmen

It’s sad but true.  With the speed of which the internet and its many technologies are evolving, most people (especially small business owners) simply don’t have the time to keep up with it all.  Because of this, web designers can (and often do) take advantage of the knowledge gap by overcharging clients or offering them stuff that they don’t need.  It’s even gotten to the point that most small business owners automatically throw up their defenses when they hear obscure terms like SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing.

The other problem with the industry is that in today’s world, everybody knows somebody who can “design a website”.  It’s often hard to understand why you should pay a professional web designer a substantial fee when you’re pretty sure that your nephew could do it for free. It can be very confusing.  An extension of this is that we also now have “designers” who have learned the bare minimum of web design but are charging top dollar for their services, again taking advantage of the knowledge gap.

Help is Here

The Bahamas Web Design Blog was started in an effort to help bridge the knowledge gap between small business owners and web designers.  The effort will be made to arm small business owners with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about which internet marketing efforts will offer the very best ROI.

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About the Author

The Bahamas Web Design blog is owned and operated by Christopher Thronebury.  Christopher Thronebury is the owner and lead designer of 242Studios.com, a full service web design company established in 2006.  He has worked on numerous projects over the years and some of his portfolio can be viewed at http://242studios.com/portfolio/